Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Telecommuting Jobs: How to Find Them

I have been telecommuting since 1998. Sometimes I have been a full-time employee, while most of the time I have been a contract worker or I make money from my own projects.

I have worked in writing, marketing, user interface testing, research, and accounting over the years. It's been a mixed bag :)

My husband telecommutes as well, full-time, and has since 1998. In his case, he works for a large corporation and is a full employee, with benefits. He travels as needed for business meetings (those are rare). Otherwise, all meetings are conducted by conference call, and he works from a home office here.

We know a LOT about how NOT to work at home. But what you're wondering is: how do *I* get a chance to work at home?

I've been writing for the past two years about ways to make money from Internet programs and freelancing opportunities. What I'm about to expand into is telecommuting: real job leads for real jobs that allow you to work from home.

Every day, starting today, I'll post a list of jobs found on the Internet that are telecommuting-specific. Who cares if your employer is based in Texas and you work in Massachusetts? Or if you're based in France but find a job with a publisher in New York? The beauty of telecommuting is that it doesn't matter where you're located: you're hired based on the quality of your work, not where you live.

I read on a variety of message boards and so many people are desperate to telecommute. Come back to this blog daily to find hot telecommuting job leads, with NO FEE like some places, and post comments on your experiences.

Good luck!

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