Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Internet Programs: ChaCha Guide

I signed up to be a ChaCha Guide a long time ago, and then (ducks head in shame) never followed through. Now, ChaCha is exploding everywhere, turning into quite the trend on parenting sites such as Sybermoms and Mothering, with busy moms earning $.05 or $.10 per question throughout the day.

What is ChaCha? Basically, people using mobile phones can send a text message to ChaCha--a question, such as "Where are the cafes with free WiFi in Leominster, MA?" The ChaCha guide, logged in to his or her system, does a quick search engine search, finds the answer, and text messages the answer back, with links.

That's the BASIC explanation. You start at a low level on ChaCha and then prove yourself as a ChaCha guide. I was rather blase about the program until the ladies (I use that term loosely) at Sybermoms began signing up one after the other and nattering on about ChaCha. When one ChaCha guide commented that she'd done 228 questions, at $.10 each, in one day, my ears perked up. That's $22.80 for the day, for doing quick searches and texting.

From the ChaCha FAQ:

How and how much do I get paid?

Guides are paid on a per-transaction basis. The more efficient you can be, the more you can make. Guide pay currently averages $3 to $9 per hour, though many top Guides earn more than that. See specific roles for the amount of pay per transaction. Payments are made one of two ways: via a debit card from First Internet Bank of Indiana, or via direct deposit to your bank account once a month if your account reaches $100 or greater.

The ChaCha guides I know are either stay-at-home/work-at-home mothers or folks who already have office jobs where they can answer questions during their down time (and technically pull a salary while making something on the side).

Anyone ChaCha? Unfortunately, ChaCha isn't hiring right now--they have 4 levels of Guides (including transcription), but you can check the site regularly to see when they resume hiring.

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