Thursday, November 20, 2008

Earnings Update: Associated Content, LetterRep, Demand Studios, and more

So, Demand Studios brought me a tidy income of around $2000. I'm not 100% done with them, but they've changed policies, and many of their articles pay $5 now instead of $15. In addition, they hired a variety of editors who appear never to have actually read their own style guide. I got a number of articles returned to me with editing requests that sounded like a 6th grader wrote them, so I decided to put Demand Studios on the back burner. It was nice while it lasted, and I hope those who still write for DS are enjoying the work and that it goes well.

Associated Content: I've published a handful of new pieces with them recently, and my top offer appears to be stuck at $5.79. While that isn't bad for a 400-word article I bang out in 10 minutes, it's excruciating for a well-researched article that took an hour. I do make $20-$25/month on residual income, though (translation: I get paid for nothing. Page views for my existing 138 articles generate "passive income" for me). I need to work on registering my existing articles with more sites to get more exposure and page views, to increase my passive income. Check out my article on Getting Rid of Student Loan Debt here.

BrightHub is promising--I've written two articles for them so far ($10 each), both accepted right away, and the editor is WONDERFUL. I plan to increase my writing for them soon, but we just moved (ugh!) and I picked up two contracts with educational publishers recently (yeah!), so that will cut into my keyword article writing.

Good old LetterRep just sent me an email--I made a sale on a year-old letter I wrote there! That same letter has now sold 4 times, generating $40 for me. I need to turn my attention back to LetterRep and generate some standard letters that will be "evergreen" (have long-standing appeal). Passive income is the BEST income :)

I also received a little more than $25 from Ebates--their special deal I blogged about came through for me. That was a nice PayPal!

How are your internet income efforts going? Post in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Your article on getting rid of student loan debt was just what I needed! Thank you! (MsWings)

MBZ said...

Glad to help!