Saturday, March 3, 2012


How the heck did I go 5.5 months without updating? YIKES.

Suite101: income is now about 40% down from pre-Panda peak. It's still worthwhile, and I'd be very sad to miss it. Current income is about 35% above the lowest month (May 2011).

Self-publishing on Kindle: I'm having a great deal of fun experimenting and playing with Kindle. I'm making a steady 3 figures per month there, and hope to crack 4 figures this month!

Yahoo! Contributor Network (formerly AC): Pitiful. $4 for the month? Ouch. Boy did they crater.

HubPages: I lost my high HubPoints rating and my income there is pennies per month, down from a high of $150 back in December 2010.

Most of my energy these days goes into my part-time job, some freelance academic writing, some private client writing work and my publishing (self and traditional). I still hold out hope of hitting $10K/month and will update when THAT happens!

Suite101 is retooling and I hope NOT to lose my income from there. That remains to be seen.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Author name domains: Hubpages and Suite101 take the plunge

Sometime in late July, Hubpages changed my domain name to an author name domain.

In August, my earnings with Hubpages (all through AdSense) increased 500%. Earnings have declined by about 40% in September, leaving me -- so far -- with a net increase of 300%.

I'll take it!

On August 29, my domain name on Suite changed to

Since then, my earnings have increased 8% over August. Now, August had seen a 25% leap over July, so keep that in mind. I am now at 13% *below* my last pre-Panda month, which was February.

In May, my worst month post-Panda, I was 66% below.

Will author domain names help? We'll just have to watch and accumulate data.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How to Work Out of the Home, or: I Got a Job!

I haven't been an employee in an office for a very, very long time. I like the WAHM gig. You can read through 4+ years of archives here to see my ups, downs, and in betweens.

So it might come as a surprise to learn that the woman who has spent so many years trying to figure out how NOT to work at home has gone and gotten a job OUT of the home. But it's the perfect position in university administration that works for me and my family.

It's part-time work, which means I still have plenty of time to write and tinker with online work.

Meanwhile, my revenue share articles are rebounding, and August looks to be a decent four-figure month. Not pre-Panda, but getting there slowly.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Writing for Technorati

I have been publishing on Technorati recently. If you have an AdSense account, you add it in and earn a portion of the ad revenue.

The CMS is pretty clunky. I am not impressed overall, but many online publishers seem to use extremely difficult CMSs. There's no way to caption or easily credit a photo, and no post-publication edits allowed, which means you had better quadruple-check when you proofread.

Check out my latest: Mel's Technorati articles

Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Kindle from!

Now through August 30, when you book 3 or more nights at select hotels, you get a free Amazon Kindle.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wikio Experts Earnings Review

Back in May, a group of writers at Suite101 started talking about Wikio Experts, a French company that launched an English version of their site. It's a content farm like any other content farm, but -- like Demand Media Studios -- Wikio Experts offers flat-fee (upfront payments) as well as revenue share articles. The plus? They offer a small flat fee + rev share on many articles.

Write for Wikio Experts

I ignored the hoopla, frankly, because I've been busy getting eBooks out, but a friend asked me about strategies for finding more sites that pay upfront fees for writing. The Writer's Network has dried up (unless you're a fashion writer), and DMS recently put hundreds of writers into an "evaluation program" that few will -- if past experiences detailed on writing blogs and forums are any indication -- survive.

So if you're a DMS writer scrambling, what can you do?

Wikio Experts Review

Wikio Experts has a fairly liberal entrance policy. Apply online and provide a writing sample. I was accepted within a day. Then you need to pick a topic (they offer more than 140) and write a sample article of 200-400 words.

The template tells you your word count (hooray!) and Wikio Experts does not require references or resources. In addition, they have an image library, so adding images is VERY easy. And no captions required!

Wikio Experts Earnings

Cut to the chase -- how much can you earn? Flat-fee articles are in three tiers:

3 Euros
5 Euros
8 Euros

An Euro is currently $1.42, so do the math. You need 10 articles in a topic to become elevated to the next level, so at firt you're writing for $4.20 or so. However, the word counts are only 200-400 words, no resources/references. Some writers claim to write an article in 7-10 minutes, from start to finish. If you can do six in an hour and maintain quality, you can make about $25 an hour.

Once you're writing the 8 Euro articles, that's $12 per -- and then you can make serious money. The site pays via PayPal, two months after you've written the articles. Writers across the net are reporting that they DO get paid.

Wikio Experts Revenue Share

For revenue share Wikio Expertss articles, the structure is a bit different. Here's what Wikio Experts has to say on their payment structure for rev share:

  • Articles paid at a fixed rate. You must already have been Confirmed in the particular category otherwise you cannot reserve articles; that is to say that our moderator team has approved your first open article. Here are the three rates for these articles:
    • €3 (reserved for contributors who have published at least one open article)
    • €5 (reserved for contributors who have published at least one open article)
    • €8 (reserved for contributors who have published more than ten articles suggested by Wikio Experts in the same Category)
  • Articles paid at a fixed rate + a variable rate (depending on the audience and advertising revenue):
    • €10: €1,5 fixed + up to €8,5 variable
    • €15: €2,5 fixed + up to €12,5 variable
    • €20: €4 fixed + up to €16 variable
    • €55: €15 fixed + up to €40 variable

Interested? Sign up for Wikio Experts here. Yes, it's my referral link. Your earnings won't be affected by it. Once you sign up, you can get your own referral link! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Suite earnings nicely up for June and July 2011

I finished out June with a 40% increase over May.

July is, so far, about 15% over June, with a DRAMATIC increase these past two days. Both days have been "pre-Panda" levels, though on the low side for earnings before Panda, but I'll take it!

I'm not adding any earnings from Topic Editor articles ($1 in July so far LOLOL).

Any other Suitees seeing good increases?