Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freelancing: BrightHub

I applied for BrightHub on Monday. Was accepted immediately to write for two sections: Green Living and Personal Finance. Received an electronic contract and signed it.

Got a message from my editor, and yesterday I read through their content management system. BrightHub's CMS is more complex than Associated Content, Constant Content, or Demand Studios. BrightHUb expects the writer to do much of the SEO legwork, which is fine for me--I've been doing meta tags since 2004 :)

I created a two-page store (more page views!) and as a writer I earn $10 as upfront pay plus 80% of ongoing ad revenue for the article. Because it's a two-pager, that's extra ad revenue. A 1 pager can be as short as 300 words, though, with the same upfront pay.

The editor I'm assigned to (each section or "channel" as a different editor) for Green Living is great, and my article was approved this morning. Less than 3 days from application to publication is a record in the blind CMS UGC world.

Read my article here:

Finding Green Contractor Reviews

BrightHub is more professional than AC or DS--they expect more SEO knowledge (or at least the willingness for the writer to learn some more complex SEO). Demand Studios has taken a nosedive in terms of editing quality and review turnaround, and they recently dropped their pay for writer-submitted titles from $15 to $5, so writers will be searching for a new venue. BrightHub might be it.

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