Sunday, April 20, 2008

Internet program: Ebates $10 bonus right now

I've been using Ebates for ages--1999? 2000? I've earned around $400 in dribs and drabs. You get a percentages of online purchases back as a rebate (Ebate) by shopping through their links. Like MyPoints, you earn something for activity you do everyday. Unlike MyPoints, you get straight cash with Ebates, instead of points that you exchange for gift cards.

Ebates is having a no-brainer, simple promotion right now: sign up, make 1 purchase through Ebates, and get a $10 bonus ($5 cash, $10 Target gift card--your choice). Learn more here: Ebates $10 promotion.

In the interest of full disclosure: I earn a gift card when you sign up through this link. Such is the Way of the Internet Kickback.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Freelancing: Demand Studios

Well, fiddle-dee-dee! I may be rich someday! Just checked and through the end of February 2008, I've earned $1.74 on Squidoo!

I also have $.50 sitting in my Constant Content account. Hmmm. Time to post more articles.

I haven't posted anything new on Associated Content since June, but I make a steady $20 per month. My most popular article? Check it out.

Here's another site to try: Demand Studios. They send assignments out in groups of 10. 10 articles for $150. They pay via PayPal, and get good reviews from folks at Associated Content.

Happy earning!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Charter Member at HomeStars, Bzzagent, and more....

Try this: HomeStars Click on "You're invited to become a Charter Member"--you earn a $20 Amazon gift certificate for writing 5 reviews of local home improvement contractors and retailers, telling 5 friends, and filling out your basic profile.

You can also try BzzAgent at BzzAgent

I joined about 3 years ago. Got some great coupons for cream cheese--just as I went dairy-free. Oops.

I've known folks who received free Senseo machines back when they were the hot new thang. I just donated mine to Goodwill because frankly, the pods suck, are expensive, and the machines (we used a Melitta and later the Senseo) leak.

And more...check out Constant Content again. I mention it because apparently, this blog is the 4th ranked term when you do a Google search for "Constant Content," and I think that's cool.