Thursday, November 27, 2008

Internet Program: $1,600 per month in passive income on eHow? How?

I frequent writer message boards, and came across a woman on who claimed, a few months ago, to be making $700 per month on eHow. I didn't quite believe it at first.

eHow is a revenue-sharing site for "How to" articles. eHow is the site where Demand Studios articles are published. If you are a Demand Studios writer, then you are paid $5 to $15 for writing an eHow article--you get that money upfront and release all rights to the article.

If you are an eHow writer, you write for yourself in the eHow Writer Compensation Program (WCP). You make NO money upfront, but you get a percentage of ad revenue from readers reading your articles, clicking on ads, etc.

$1,600 a month is what the writer from last summer is up to now. She's published around 300 articles and earns $1,600 in PASSIVE income (older articles continue to earn money while she does nothing). Other writers following in her footsteps are reporting making $400, $500, more in passive income on eHow as well.

I decided to give this a whirl.

I've made $2.17 so far, with 3 articles and 1800 page views (you generally earn a specific amount per 1,000 pageviews). The more "friends" you have on eHow, the more likely you are to gain readers, which gains pageviews, which gains earnings. I've written articles on How to Get a Customer Service Telecommuting Job and How to Get a Writing Telecommuting Job, plus I threw in How to Cook a Gluten-Free Christmas Dinner for kicks :p

Generating passive income on eHow takes patience. Most writers report putting 20 articles per month on eHow, with first month earnings in the $10-$20 range. You gain "friends" on eHow, put a link to your articles in signature lines on email and on message boards, and you continually add more articles. By the time you hit 200 articles (by the way, an article takes me 10 minutes to write--we're not talking about long how-tos here) you can easily hit $200 per month, and go up from there.

Passive income is great because you only do the work once, but you reap the rewards on an ongoing basis. You're paid once per month, via PayPal, as long as your income is $10 or more. It's very simple, and the interface is easy to use.

Yet another tool to consider.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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