Friday, May 30, 2008

Internet Program: UPromise

UPromise is simple: register your grocery and drugstore cards, and your credit cards, with UPromise and get small bits of cash back toward college.

I joined in 2002 and now have slightly more than $300 in my account. Once you register your cards, it's passive income.

But for years I thought it had to go straight into a college account called a 529, and opening a 529 involves a fee and paperwork, so I didn't bother.

I recently learned, though, that you can just request a check from UPromise, up to $150 per quarter, and they will send it.

I sent my request off back in December and haven't heard back. I'll try again. That's $300 I didn't have to earn (about $50 a year). You never know if you have some hidden cash there, so if you have an account, check it out: UPromise check request.

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