Monday, May 19, 2008

Brijit is dead :(

According to Brijit's homepage, and to an email I received:

You've reached this page because, at the moment, Brijit is out of money and can no longer afford to bring you the world in 100 words. We're working hard to find a way forward for our service and hope to relaunch in the not-too-distant future. Thanks to all our loyal readers and writers. And to our Brijit writers: payments in full for all abstracts published through May 15 will be made next week.

Brijit had one of the best publishing platforms I've seen, and I've seen plenty since I started dabbling with content management systems in 1998/99.

What a shame. I hope Brijit gets some funding and comes back better than ever. in the meantime, that's one more income stream for some readers that is gone. :(

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