Saturday, December 29, 2007

Internet program: Squidoo update


I've earned $.76 since May 4, 2007, with my Squidoo Lens on Gifted Children.

Well, that's a waste of time. Squidoo's payout threshold is $10. At this rate, I will earn $10 in 2016, at which point it will be worth $4 Canadian or 1.33 Euros.

Is anyone earning money on Squidoo? It took me a few hours to get the site set up, and to be fair I've promoted it with another hour or so of time, but 4 hours = $.76?


I found some commentary here and here and here, with people raving about earning $10 or $70, but that's with 13 or more lenses, and after many months. Or, using Squidoo to post affiliate links. Again--why do that when you can drive traffic to your OWN site?

Unless you have a reason to drive tons of traffic to a site (and if you do, why waste that traffic on another site?), Squidoo seems like a waste of time.


Catana said...

I found your post through a Google alert, and was interested enough to check out your Squidoo site. If you're not making any money there, it's because your lens has almost no content, and most of it is your own AC articles. You don't have to have 13 lenses to make money on Squidoo, but you do have to provide excellent content and keep it updated.

Anonymous said...

Squidoo doesn't have a certain payout threshold. You set it yourself. You can set it to $1.00 if you want to.

As far as what you can earn, here are my payouts for the last 4 months:


PotPieGirl said...

Hi! Nice blog =)

I am one of the blogs you referenced to as far ask making money with Squidoo (

I can't say that I spend time on Squidoo exclusively to make money with that site. Making Squidoo lenses has more benefits than a few bucks each month.

Search engine exposure for your content, program, or site is a big factor in choosing to create a Squidoo lens. It doesn't replace your site, it brings additional traffic to your site.

Also, since there is such emphasis on building incoming links to your site in order to improve the ranking of your site in the SEs, Squidoo provides a valuable tool in helping to build high-quality, one-way incoming links.

There is so much more to Squidoo than 76 cents a month.

Thanks for sharing!