Sunday, December 16, 2007

Last-minute shopping, or: how desperate are you?

So work deadlines tighten for me around this time of year, and it's always such a pain to deal with holiday shopping and work. Why can't Christmas be in February? Seriously.

I'm getting increasingly desperate, and turning to Gift cards as an avenue for presents. We did this back in 1998, when our first child was only 7 weeks old. Christmas shop? I'm trying to manage a 12 lb baby and recover from being turned inside-out and you expect me to Christmas shop? Um, no.

Back in 1998, though, no one knew what to DO with the e-certificates we sent them. I suspect half of the gift certificates are sitting in email accounts long abandoned, while bean counters at count them among the 27% of gift cards that go unused.

Happy shopping!

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