Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Charter Member at HomeStars, Bzzagent, and more....

Try this: HomeStars Click on "You're invited to become a Charter Member"--you earn a $20 Amazon gift certificate for writing 5 reviews of local home improvement contractors and retailers, telling 5 friends, and filling out your basic profile.

You can also try BzzAgent at BzzAgent

I joined about 3 years ago. Got some great coupons for cream cheese--just as I went dairy-free. Oops.

I've known folks who received free Senseo machines back when they were the hot new thang. I just donated mine to Goodwill because frankly, the pods suck, are expensive, and the machines (we used a Melitta and later the Senseo) leak.

And more...check out Constant Content again. I mention it because apparently, this blog is the 4th ranked term when you do a Google search for "Constant Content," and I think that's cool.

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