Saturday, November 17, 2007

Internet Program:

Now here's a novel idea: get paid to write reviews! Where have I heard that before? Hmmmm.....

Shared Reviews
is offering a fairly low $2 per review, up to 75 reviews right now. Therefore, you max out at $150. However, a review takes about two minutes to write. 750 characters is required for the review, which is two medium-sized paragraphs in teeny-tiny font.

Long-term, the site seems like Epinions. Web 2.0 seems to be recycling Web 1.0, and I'm not certain that's a good idea. Shared Reviews claims to use the reviews to enhance advertising for web companies, but I'm wondering how. Will they use it with graphics? As placed blog posts? Advertorial content?

In the meantime, dust off those Epinions skillz and get on teh Internets with teh tubes and start writing. Why not? A little more PayPal can't hurt.

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