Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update: Earnings from Constant Content, Associated Content, LetterRep, and Brijit

I have now sold 7 "usage" licenses on Constant Content and will receive $58.85 on November 1. Three of those sales were for articles I already published on Associated Content, so I've made money repeatedly for the same article.

I have now sold 7 letters on LetterRep, for $70 total.

Associated Content is amusing--I'm well over $1,000 for the year, but haven't published anything there since May. I'm receiving anywhere from $20-$40 in passive income, though, from pay-per-click, and getting pageview bonuses.

Brijit is a growing area for me. I made $15 in September for writing 4 abstracts and having 3 accepted. I spent about 70 minutes on registering and writing.

In October, though, I've streamlined, and it takes me 10-15 minutes to read an article and write an abstract, and I have a 100% acceptance rate--all 3 abstracts! LOL. $15 guaranteed, bay-bee! I have 2 more abstracts I wrote this morning in the hopper. There are some writers who average 350 abstracts per month; that's $1,750, so hardly chump change. I'd like to get myself to a comfortable point where I'm writing 3 or so per day, all accepted, and generating an extra $500 per month for reading articles I would already read.

That's my update. I'm not getting rich here, and I do have a day job now, but I enjoy these small, clever ways of participating in Web 2.0, making some money, and building a skill set in Web writing that can help my career.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I have given it a shot myself.

Anonymous said...

Great tips! I will definitely be looking into these opportunities more closely.