Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Money Update: I am really, truly making money from these sites.

Letter Rep: I sold 2 letters this week. $20.

Constant Content: I sold 1 usage license this week. $10, but CC takes 35%, so I've made $6.50. CC has accepted another eight articles I have written, so those might sell as well. Keep in mind that selling a usage license means the article can still sell another usage license, or sell for much more (in this case, $30) for full rights.

Associated Content I've already discussed. I'm plugging along averaging $600 per month. And MyPoints is continuing to generate about $5 per month. I'm working steadily on my two-month Elance project as well.

You won't get rich here, but if I put up more Constant Content material, and if I wrote more LetterRep letters, I could earn more. Sadly, both of my children have coxsackie virus (hmm...maybe I should write about that!) so it's a slow writing week.

Another point I'd like to make: I'm doing this for fun and extra money. I'm also involved in an academic research project. So the goal of these programs and freelancing opportunities, for me, is three-fold:

1. I have no set deadlines. Sick kid? Sick me? Playdates? Research pressure? Fine. I just hurt myself if I don't do the writing and make the money, but no editor is screaming at me for a late article.

2. I can do this when I want. 15 minute break while the kids are playing? Write an article for Associated Content. 10 minutes while they watch television? upload an old article to Constant Content for usage rights. MyPoints get clicked while checking email. LetterRep I do when the kids are doing computer programs or watching German videos.

3. I write about what *I* want to write about. This is a double-edged sword, because if AC or CC reject my work, I can only blame me. LetterRep is funny--I only write the letters I want to write. I don't want to write a break-up letter! Then again, $10 for about 10 minutes isn't bad, either.

So there's my update. I'll update frequently and will be presenting more work-at-home opportunities this week, both good and bad.

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Jen Clark said...

I have absolutely no idea how I ended up on your site, but I am so glad that I have! I'm 25 and only want to write. It's the only thing I'm sure of in the "career section" of my life. I live with my wonderful boyfriend, who makes enough money to allow me to write, but I want to also bring in a fair amount of income. I have no one to turn to for advice on how to write about things that interest me and make some money. This is the first site to give me some hope and direction.

My point in telling you this is that you now have a dedicated reader. I can see that you have a busy life, but please don't abandon this blog (and me)! All kidding aside, I really appreciate you putting this information out into the universe.

Thanks for all the great advice and I look forward to your future posts.