Friday, May 4, 2007

Freelancing: Selling video clips to is the latest in the "pay to upload" sites such as Associated Content, Constant Content, and MyLot. These sites all have one quality in common: the average person, without any required professional skills in writing or videography, can produce a work product, upload it or post it, and make money from their activity. is different from Associated Content or MyLot in that ExpoTV accepts videos only. The payout is $5 for a one-minute minimum video clip. The initial payout of $5 is not the only way that Expo TV users make money. For each new user you refer to the site, you earn a $5 referral fee. In addition, every time someone chooses to view your uploaded video, you earn $.01.

While one penny for a video viewing may seem paltry, it's actually a fair revenue share, and considerably more remunerative than Associated Content's payout rate of $1.50 per 1000 page views; at $.0015 per view vs. $.01 for Expo TV, video producers might find themselves drawn to Expo TV rather than Associated Content. However, Associated Content is considerably more established than Expo TV, and uses Google rankings to improve search engine rankings. In other words--uploading videos to Associated Content may mean increased traffic to your video, more viewings, and more earnings in the end.

On the other hand, Expo TV offers a guaranteed $5 payout, which is $2 higher than Associated Content's $3 minimum, and referrals to Associated Content garner $3 vs. $5 at Expo TV. In addition, if your video is chosen for Expo TV's television channel--yes, they're on cable, in 25 million homes--you receive an additional $25 payout.

The videos posted to Expo TV are limited, currently, to "Videopinions," or reviews of specific products that video producers enjoy. In this sense, too, there is room for both Expo TV and Associated Content in any video producer's income-generating list. Video producers could simply upload product reviews to Expo TV while saving How-To videos and other video content for Associated Content.

Expo TV has specific rules for the videos: the producer's face must appear in the video, each video must be 1 minute or longer, and the sound and light quality must meet certain minimum requirements. Expo TV accepts 90% of submissions, so as long as producers follow the FAQ section on how to produce good videos, you should be fine.

Keep in mind that Expo TV is available in more than 25 million homes via On Demand on cable televisions. Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Charter Communications, among others, carry the television channel. You are submitting videos to be on television--real cable TV. So do your makeup, wear your thin clothes, and brush your teeth.

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