Friday, April 27, 2007

How Not to Work At Home

I have, since 1997, been working at/from home. For a brief stretch, here and there, I work onsite. I am an adjunct faculty member at a local college here in Western Massachusetts, so I need to stand before the students and spew nonsense about American Government and U.S. History and World History and Latin American History or whatever course I'm teaching. Aside from that, since 1998, when I left my secretary position at The Big Name Law School in Boston, I have not worked onsite in a steady capacity.

I have worked as a writer, editor, user interface tester, and Internet marketer since 1997.

I have also had fun dabbling in weird online programs.

You know the kind. Points programs for clicking on links. Reading emails. Taking surveys. Online sweepstakes (and yes, I've won quite a bit of stuff). Get-paid-to-publish. Getting paid to write messages on message boards. All of those income streams have, at one point or another, been part of my repertoire.

Some worked. Some didn't. This blog is an ongoing effort to discuss programs, jobs, and websites that DO work, so that a small income stream--or, perhaps, a large one--can help readers with whatever financial or personal goals they may have.

This isn't my business. It's a hobby. I have a tiny little Internet addiction, and this way I can defend myself against my husband's eyerolls when I get off the couch and have laptop creases on my legs. Or when my children say, "Mommy has a mouth? I never knew that. I couldn't see it past the top of her laptop screen."

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