Monday, February 28, 2011

Health Information Technology Student by Day, Second Life CSR InWorld by Night

I just wrote one of the more interesting profiles of non-traditional students that I've completed for Sydahne Phillip is a Health Information Technology degree student at Rasmussen College. She's working toward an associate degree in HIT.

She's also a mother, and works night shift at Second Life, the virtual reality world. I know waaaaaaaayyyyyy too much about Second Life. From 2007-2009 my husband was fairly obsessed with it, to the point of buying entire islands/districts of land "InWorld" and learning to be a developer InWorld as well.

Having a third child sort of killed the so-called "extra" time we had for pursuits like Second Life. We're slowly getting time back, but we hoard it for sleep right now ;).

What I find most interesting about Phillip is that she enjoys the customer care and liaison aspect of work. That kind of networking, troubleshooting and customer service approach - whether you're a front-line CSR or a master's-level health care director - takes a set of skills that go beyond education and experience. It takes softer social skills that you can only acquire if you have an innate ability, or are mentored carefully through your education and career. Phillip seems to possess those skills - it comes through in the interview.

I wonder how it all comes together in Second Life? What a cool job. I think I have a touch of job envy.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Lesson in Causation vs. Correlation, or: How the Google Farmer Algorithm Unhinges People

Did you know that if two things happen at the same time they MUST be related through cause and effect, according to most SEO writers trying to figure out why their sites have been downgraded so horribly by the Google "Farmer Algorithm" that hit on February 24, 2011?

It's like pirates. Did you know that the people who want to destroy the planet had a whole conspiracy (notice how that word ends with PIRACY?????) to drive out piracy in the 18th and 19th centuries.

And WHY?


That's why.

So, WHY would "they" want to make global warming increase?

To sell air conditioners. That's why.

Because AIR CONDITIONERS make people vote REPUBLICAN.

The suppression of pirate attacks is a vicious, anti-environmentalist oppressive tactic used by the Republican party to achieve world dominance.

It's true. I've proven it with links.

I rest my case.