Sunday, November 22, 2009

$14.85 at Suite so far

I'm doing far better than expected at Suite101, with 19 articles and $14.85 in income so far. Some of my articles went from 150 page views per day down to 3. Ugh. Google is reindexing and that may have something to do with the weird page view issue.

My latest two articles are: Cyber Monday - Best Message Boards


Evo Morales Favored for Re-election in Bolivia

Don't you love it? Two extremes. One article on grotesque capitalism-gone-wild and the other on rural socialism/agrarianism movements gaining momentum. Gotta love SEO writing.

Factoidz, 3 weeks later

I wrote a new article for Factoidz: Guide to Gluten Free Restaurants in Framingham, Massachusetts

I have about 10 people signed up under me, a result of posting my referral link at Associated Content's forum. 4 people have written articles (THANK YOU!) and I've earned about $.60 in referral income, and around $1.10 from my own articles.

I've com to the conclusion that the only articles worth posting on Factoidz are those that are written for their specific requests, because they categorize those as "high+", which means $3 per 1000 page views. My "med" articles that I wrote on topics of interest *to me* are earning half that.

I will plug along and post a few articles a month at Factoidz and see if it continues to be worthwhile. It's definitely promising, and not a complete dog like Askables. I've averaging nearly $.60 per article per month at Factoidz - that's better than my eHow rate! Hmmm....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mayans, Santa,and Math, oh My!

So some more Suite articles:

Online Math Education for Gifted Homeschooling

This one had reasonably strong page views right off the bat--and I hope the Google adwords lined up nicely.

Now this one:

Mayan 2012 Predictions - Facts vs. Fiction

took off! I'm assuming it's because of the 2012 movie, but I have 200 PV already in 2 days!

And then finally:

Best Secret Santa Gifts - Last Minute Gift Ideas

This article has received more than 160 page views in less than 24 hours! Secret Santa articles are apparently hot right now. I never imagined that people would be searching for articles on this topic so far in advance of Christmas.

I passed the $10 mark at Suite101 ($11.44 as of today, actually), which means I've hit payout. I'll get paid next month. I have determined that I need to earn $.03 per article per day to reach $1 per article per month. So far, so good.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Venezuela Bans Most Video Games

How is that for a headline? Not quite what I wrote on violent video games, but it works:

Video Game Controversy in Venezuela

So far it's a popular topic - violent computer games apparently are! The article has been linked to on what appears to be a Russian gaming board. I hope they find the video game controversy article helpful!

My other new article, Online Math Education for Gifted Homeschooling, is cooking along nicely as well.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Suite articles

SO life got ahead of me--returning to college teaching after a 5 month absence has been, um, interesting. My new client work is a lot on top of teaching, life, baby, and the 10K challenge.

So I've written two new Suite articles:

Cash Out UPromise--Without a 529 Plan

This article is based on an article eHow pulled in article sweeps--they took two more articles, reducing my total from 15 to 12. All three were high earners ($10 per 1000 page views +). Hmmm, wonder why...the "reasons" eHow gives are hard to believe, given that none of the articles were spam (they claimed the UPromise and Domperidone articles were) and the refurbished laptop article wasn't "common ense" any more than thousands of other eHow articles are.

So my other Suite article is Chavez Sends Troops to Colombian Border.

I'm focusing on Suite for now, as I am time deprived. I'm $.44 away from payout on Suite101 ($10). Not bad for less than 3 weeks and 13 articles now!

Friday, November 13, 2009

eHow article sweeps got me. So I am done.

eHow has been "sweeping" their site, removing articles that do not comply with their terms of service. MANY folks have complained for the past few months about this. in most cases, I believe the articles are removed because the articles are of poor quality or don't meet the eHow format.

However, many eHow writers have complained that Demand Media, eHow's parent company, has been targeting high-earning articles from eHow writers, removing them, and replacing them with articles written by Demand Studios writers.

I was skeptical before, but now...eHow just removed my highest earning article.

I've been a Demand Studios writer for 18 months now, so I have the eHow format down. My article was up for about 3 weeks and made me $3.45--quite a bit, for only 120 page views!

There was no click fraud, no format issue, and absolutely no duplication of the exact keyword phrase I used. In fact, that keyword phrase was so popular, apparently, that I'm going to turn around and write articles for Suite 101 and AC using it, and see how they do.

So with 15 (now 14) articles on eHow, I'm going to take my time elsewhere. If I am building good quality articles there and the powers that be are just going to pull them to replace them with their own (and piggyback off my work), then it's not worthwhile if I have other options.

I *do* have other options. Suite, here I come...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ack! Life got ahead of me!

I obviously missed a week (a week!) of posting here. I've picked up more work and began teaching and went out of town and and and...

This is my fear.

My fear is that I will let life get ahead of me and stop doing the 10K challenge.

I haven't stopped, though. I've been writing. I just haven't been writing in this blog.

So here are my latest:


Chilean Wine and U.S. Trade Policy

Uruguay's Ley de Caducidad - Expiry Law

China's Terra Cotta Warriors Tour

Associated Content

Health Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil

Wine of the Month Club for Christmas Gifts

I'm focusing on Suite 101 and AC this month and letting eHow sit on the bench for a bit. No offense to eHow; I just need to get 48 more AC articles to reach 200 and get to clout 10. Suite is turning out to be SWEET--I have about 540 page views and over $8 in revenue! I'm working on applying for a Feature Writer job there, which would give me a 20% revenue bonus and make it even better for residual income.

In the meantime, I teach, I write as a publishing consultant, and I prepare for birthday parties, cub scout meetings, and a 3 month old who thinks I am the center of his universe. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Newest articles

Suite 101:

Accelerated Nursing Programs

Douche With Lysol for Feminine Hygiene

(No--that's not a joke. Lysol used to advertise this way from the 1920s to 1960s. Read the article.)

November 3 is Cuenca Day in Ecuador

Associated Content:

Accelerated Nursing Programs

How to Get Swagbucks Codes

If you don't know what Swagbucks are, you're missing out! Join Swagbucks (shameless referral plug) and earn cash and gift cards and more.


How to Find the Right Accelerated Nursing Program

How to Find Swagbucks Codes

Notice a pattern? In some cases I'm taking the same research and writing completely new articles for different markets. It's a test--let's see how each one does.

Each place has its strength. I'm testing them.

Keyword trick that boosts my earnings

I'll report back with a list of my new articles shortly. But here's a nifty trick I've learned that is one of those "duh" moments (imagine me smacking myself on the forehead with an open palm).

Let's say you're writing an article about Grant Writers. Your main keyword phrase is "grant writers".

But you have to talk about grants if you're going to talk about grant writers, right?

So how many times will you use the word "grant" or "grants" in your article? Will Google think you're keyword stuffing? Will it hurt your SEO for "grant writers"?


So I've recently been stripping out all uses of any word in the keyword phrase EXCEPT when it appears in the keyword phrase, with rare exception. Sometimes you have no choice and HAVE to use one of the words in the keyword phrase. But if not, strip it OUT.

Since doing this my upfronts at Associated Content have gone up nicely and everything I submit there has an offer within 24 hours. Lately I'm getting a $5.95 Associated Content upfront offer. Anyone doing better? If so, tell me how!