Saturday, March 3, 2012


How the heck did I go 5.5 months without updating? YIKES.

Suite101: income is now about 40% down from pre-Panda peak. It's still worthwhile, and I'd be very sad to miss it. Current income is about 35% above the lowest month (May 2011).

Self-publishing on Kindle: I'm having a great deal of fun experimenting and playing with Kindle. I'm making a steady 3 figures per month there, and hope to crack 4 figures this month!

Yahoo! Contributor Network (formerly AC): Pitiful. $4 for the month? Ouch. Boy did they crater.

HubPages: I lost my high HubPoints rating and my income there is pennies per month, down from a high of $150 back in December 2010.

Most of my energy these days goes into my part-time job, some freelance academic writing, some private client writing work and my publishing (self and traditional). I still hold out hope of hitting $10K/month and will update when THAT happens!

Suite101 is retooling and I hope NOT to lose my income from there. That remains to be seen.


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