Sunday, September 25, 2011

Author name domains: Hubpages and Suite101 take the plunge

Sometime in late July, Hubpages changed my domain name to an author name domain.

In August, my earnings with Hubpages (all through AdSense) increased 500%. Earnings have declined by about 40% in September, leaving me -- so far -- with a net increase of 300%.

I'll take it!

On August 29, my domain name on Suite changed to

Since then, my earnings have increased 8% over August. Now, August had seen a 25% leap over July, so keep that in mind. I am now at 13% *below* my last pre-Panda month, which was February.

In May, my worst month post-Panda, I was 66% below.

Will author domain names help? We'll just have to watch and accumulate data.

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