Saturday, July 23, 2011

Suite earnings nicely up for June and July 2011

I finished out June with a 40% increase over May.

July is, so far, about 15% over June, with a DRAMATIC increase these past two days. Both days have been "pre-Panda" levels, though on the low side for earnings before Panda, but I'll take it!

I'm not adding any earnings from Topic Editor articles ($1 in July so far LOLOL).

Any other Suitees seeing good increases?


David Rudel said...

I heard Suite was restructuring and also got hit by Panda2. Could you give me your impressions on Suite101 today?

MBZ said...

My revenue for August was more than double what I earned in May, the low point for Suite after Panda (I think). I'm very positive about Suite's turnaround, but not irrationally exuberant. It's worth it to stay there, for me.