Monday, March 28, 2011

How NOT to respond when a book reviewer reviews your book!

Holy smokes. Big Al's Books and Pals is a fairly well-known book review blog that looks at a wide range of indie eBooks.

Yesterday he reviewed Jaqueline Howett's The Greek Seaman and gave it two stars. The review was balanced - he complimented some sections but largely panned it for lack of editing, stilted and uneven prose, weird adverb use and poor copyediting. She responded with comments such as:

You obviously didn't read the second clean copy I requested you download that was also reformatted, so this is a very unfair review. My Amazon readers/reviewers give it 5 stars and 4 stars and they say they really enjoyed The Greek Seaman and thought it was well written. Maybe its just my style and being English is what you don't get. Sorry it wasn't your cup of tea, but I think I will stick to my five star and four star reviews thanks. 
And, later, adds a lovely "f*ck off!" in a single comment. And it STILL goes downhill from there. The comment stream is at 225 and counting. Have an hour to kill? Take a look.

Don't like a review your book receives?

Ignore it. Don't pull a Jacqueline Howett.


Cat said...

That's pretty amazing, LOL. She's getting bad reviews on Amazon now, that's for sure.

MBZ said...

Can you believe it, Cat? I wonder if this will bump up her sales, though - is it true that for new writers bad publicity is better than no publicity?