Friday, January 28, 2011

Using Anchor Text Properly for SEO

When you read an article, the links within the article are highlighted text. You click and it takes you to the new article/website. Anchor text is the highlighted text that indicates it's a link to be clicked.

I'll link to my articles and show you the difference.
  • This is a sentence that does not use anchor text for any phrase for an article on for e-learning teacher certification programs.
  • This is a sentence that uses anchor text for the keyword phrase online teaching degrees for an article at that focuses on e-learning teacher certification programs.  
Anchor Text and SEO

Keyword-driven anchor text means that I am going to link the keyword I want for SEO purposes in my anchor text. Go to my article on and scroll down - see the anchor text for the two links? Some writers would have highlighted the administrator's name, or "Learn more" in the final sentence for the, because we're psychologically driven to connect names with quotes, and calls to action with, well - calls to action. Ever notice how lots of writers link the words "click here" as anchor text on websites? That's partly why, but it's poor SEO.

Google takes alllll that anchor text and uses it as part of its algorithm. You get a tiny boost (but every bit helps) by linking to outside websites using the keyword phrase you're hoping to succeed with in anchor text.

Where you REALLY get a boost is if a website that is stronger than yours - has a higher page rank on Google - uses YOUR targeted keyword as anchor text to link back to YOUR site. That's the Holy Grail of SEO.
Does Keyword-Driven Anchor Text Matter?
It does if you don't use it. If you have your own site and try to make money from it, go back in and change ALL your links to kw-driven anchor text. You'll see an increase in traffic within a week. Whether traffic = money is another blog post.


ladybird said...

Hey, thanks for making that anchor text idea easy to understand and implement. I went right back to the blog post I just published and fixed that.
I look forward to hearing more on SEO.

Li-Or said...

This is useful info - thanks :) I don't think I'm currently optimizing my anchor texting but following this post I'll pay more attention to it!

Dee Larry said...

There are so many Certification Programs! How do I choose the right one?

Mike Marti said...

Good post,thanks for the information! I have been doing research online looking at different Certification Programs so I can start a new career.