Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Business Plan for Writing and Editing

So, a day late, but as promised, I want to reflect on how 2010 was different from 2009 and use that as a springboard for making some goals for 2011.

Goal #1, though, is a simple picture:

And the picture really tells a simple story, but it's not the obvious story.

It's not "I need to make more time for my family." It's "I need to make the time I spend away from my family working more efficient and work for me."

So with that theme in mind, here are my 2011 goals:  - expand my income beyond the minimum ($500 per month stipend) by the end of 2011.
Suite101 - if possible, complete an experiment of 3-5 months writing nearly full-time, and quadruple my income (by quadrupling my article total) by the end of 2011.
History book - sell the proposal I have out there now, and have a full draft by the end of 2011.
Academic publishing - continue with current client and work to add one new client.
Book reviews - break into Kirkus Reviews with at least one review, and write 2-3 reviews for new academic journals.
Backlinking - write articles for non-paying or low-paying markets ONLY if I can backlink to my benefit.
DMS CE work - continue for now.

So that's it.

What I won't be doing in 2011:

  • Writing for DMS. I'm done.
  • Experimenting with lesser/low PR rev share sites.
  • Accepting work below a set pay rate (per word or per hour).
  • Chasing new clients aside from those targeted above.

Some other professional measures I need to take:

  • Create a website that showcases my work (I have the domain name).
  • Network more locally.
  • Contact more PR firms locally to get on lists for press events/grand openings/ festivals/etc. related to my writing.
  • Attend at least one major writing/editing/SEO conference.

Given that I have a toddler at home, I think this is fairly ambitious. I have about 7 hours of babysitting a week, and often sacrifice sleep to do my writing work. I'm hoping to keep my goals reasonable for 2011, but by mid-2012 Daniel will be in preschool and I may inch my way, slowly, toward having more time.

I want to enjoy my family time, though - having a large break (7.5 years) between our second and third means that I know how quickly they grow up, and at 1, 8 and 12 the time will fly by. Querying inappropriate markets, chasing low-pay but "possibly prestigious" work, and wasting my time on fruitless writing isn't how I want to spend my time this year.

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Jay said...

Melanie, i wish you achieve your goals in 2011 and reach newer heights of prosperity.

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