Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OK, so some DS tips (and not the kind you get $3 for!)

I'm NOT divulging any DS secrets here. Just pointing out pet peeves when editing DS articles:

  • Future tense.  If you're writing an article about, say basketweaving degrees, cut the future tense!  "The student will learn..." No. "Students learn..." "Surgical students will perform an autopsy when they take this course" - NO. "Surgical students perform autopsies in this course." Cut the fat. Get rid of future tense unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Captions In Title Case. Don't Do It. Write in sentence case (this is sentence case - first word capitalized, complete sentence with period). Keep the caption to 12 words or so. Make it a full sentence. Relate it to the article title.
  • Captions that state the obvious. If your image is a picture of a girl eating an apple because your article is about the health benefits of apples, DO NOT caption with "Girl Eating An Apple." 
  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. If you write a location-specific article, don't forget to note the state and country, with region if needed.
  • References. If you're writing a law-related article, a reference that includes a link to the actual law really gives your article more credibility. One reference weakens an article, but 5 really crappy references from low-quality websites won't help either.
That's all for now. Back to the never-ending queue...

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