Thursday, April 1, 2010

Google Trends Experiment is Working

So a few days ago I decided to try seeing if there were topics on Google Trends worth writing about.  For me to write an article some criteria needed to be met:

1. Is it a topic that is evergreen OR seasonal and will be relevant next year?
2. If no, is it a topic that could make decent money in a short burst of time?

I found two topics and wrote about them - I describe this in my Google Trends post.

The Honey Baked Ham article took OFF.  Over 400 PV now in under 3 days.  The NYS Unemployment article is puttering along in the 20s.

My revenue, though, has skyrocketed. Now, to be fair, ALL my articles are up for page views, so it's also possible that the Honey Baked Ham article has nothing to do with rev.  I was going for ads about coupons and hoping people would click on those, but there are no Honey Baked Ham coupon ads on the article!

SO off to check out Google Trends for ideas...


Johnes said...
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Aspiring freelance writer said...

This is jenicoe2001 from eHow!
I used Google Trends for most of my articles on eHow when I first began writing on the site. In later articles I used Adwords Keyword Tool. I am by no means any kind of expert in SEO! lol However I feel Google Trends is too vague for SEO compared to the Adwords Keyword Tool. But that's just me! :) At this time I prefer to use Adwords. However I do agree that Google Trends is a great place to start for article topic ideas!
I enjoy reading your informative and helpful articles on eHow and here on Blogger. I am now following your blog. It would be so helpful if you would follow my blog here on Blogger as well! jenicoe2001 on eHow

MBZ said...

Jenicoe, I use AdWords as well as a followup to Google Trends. I love both!

Have you read about WordTracker SEO Blogger? It's a Firefox extension that helps with writing keyword articles. I'll blog about it today!