Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Writing for Blissfully Domestic

So I just started a new, very low-intensity (1+ articles per month) gig at Blissfully Domestic.  My first article on deducting private school tuition went live last week.

Writing for Blissfully Domestic

Blissfully Domestic has a new Editor in Chief, Angela England, who is also the Feature Writer for Plants and Bulbs at Suite101 and like many writermoms wears many, many other hats (among them the founder of The Untrained Housewife).  It's through a post by her on the Suite101 forums that I came to write for Blissfully Domestic.

Blissfully Domestic doesn't pay upfront, but instead allows the writer to get 99% of the ad revenue for one block of Google ads.  I had to create a special code in Google AdSense (I already had an account) and email it to BD, where it's inserted into my articles.

Writers Paid Via Google AdSense

Unlike the Suite101 model, where the site is so large they have a separate contract with Google and parse out the revenue for each writer through some magic that involves sacrificing a goat and burning belladonna in an enclosed tipi while typing for Twitter, I manage my own revenue via my separate AdSense account.

I can see all the stats - page views, the CTR (click through rate), and so forth.  Once I reach $100 I get a payout from AdSense.  I've been stuck around $20-24 for over a year now, making pennies/month from this blog, so it would be nice to hit the $100 mark in, oh, 2014 or something.

Why Write on Business and Finance?

I went for that topic, frankly, because the ads tend to pay off more than other topics.  My focus on Suite 101 is History books, on Associated Content it's education - so why not diversify?

Click to learn about writing for Blissfully Domestic.


Naked Girl in a Dress said...

Are you still writing for Blissfully Domestic? If so, how is it going?

Angela said...

I was just thinking about you the other day. I don't know if you are still writing but Untrained Housewife is now 100% adsense and a ton of fun. :-)