Monday, March 29, 2010

Suite101, then Examiner, then eHow: Creating Link Webs for Efficiency and Money

So here's my new plan:

1. Write an article on Suite101 on a gluten free topic.  3 out of 5 of us in my family are gluten free, and it's a decent keyword (in the $.80-$1 CPC range) on a topic I can write about in my sleep.  Celiac info, GF menus at various restaurants, product reviews, adapting regular food to GF recipes - you name it.

2. Write a short article on Examiner and link to my S101 article.  The topic would be relevant.  I'll also make it local (i.e. where to buy X product locally) and get the $1 local incentive bonus Examiner gives.

3. Write an eHow How to on the same topic, and link to my S101 and Examiner articles in the eHow article.

Now, there are plenty of other ways to do this, and various article webs you can make.  I could add in an article for Blissfully Domestic, for Associated Content, do blurbs on RedGage and Xomba, etc.

We have to begin somewhere, and we also have to stop somewhere, for the loop could go on and on and we can find ourselves not producing new content.

For now, this will help my writing, I hope.  I plan to give this a month or so (20 or so articles for S101 on GF issues) and if revenue continues to rise at the current rate of increase or better, then I'll keep it up.

I'm now at $527.45 on Suite since October 26, and I'm still getting that $2.50/article/month for March.  My month probably won't double (I have 3 more days of revenue and need to reach $237 for that to happen - I'm at $207 and change).  But nearly doubling is still awesome, and I hope taking link webs seriously will make a difference.

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