Friday, March 26, 2010

Image File Names Need to be SEOd

I learn something new every day.  And thank goodness, because if I didn't I'd be dead, right?  I learn, therefore I am (yes, I know that's not what Descartes said, but whatever...).

So image file names need to be keyword phrases!  It makes a difference in Google SERPs!  Who knew (I didn't).

I name my files based on the article I use them in, or what they are.  Pictures of money are Money 1.jpg, Money 2.jpg, and so on.

But now I see that if I am writing an article on Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange - Rebates and two of my keywords are appliance rebate, cash for clunkers, the money pictures should be appliance rebate.jpg and cash for clunkers.jpg  That's so simple and so obvious.  But now I have 101 articles and at least 350 images total to rename and reload.  AUUUUGGGGHHHH.  I guess I know what the next week looks like.  Hmmm, maybe I can find an 11 year old boy around here somewhere who will do this for me for Wii points or something...

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