Friday, March 26, 2010

Become a Featured Contributor for Associated Content for $10 upfronts

Associated Content has a Featured Contributor program now, where people who are "experts" in certain topics can be named Featured Contributors. (Expert is used loosely - just go ahead and apply if you have 5 or more articles in a topic). The benefit of the program is that you receive 3 assignments per month with an upfront of $8-$10 (plus page view bonus). 

Associated Content Featured Contributor Program

This is my first month as a Featured Education Writer.  The application was simple and the 3 assignments appeared on my account page.  You have to claim them, just like any other assignment on your account Assignment Desk.  Mine were due at the end of the month - I already submitted them and am waiting for approval.

The articles must be Exclusive license, and need to be in an area of your expertise.  You have to make sure they're on a topic or an angle that hasn't been done before on AC.

$10 Upfront at Associated Content

AC writers are allowed to be a Featured Contributor in up to 3 topics, which means you could get 9 assignments per month with a $10 upfront.  AC articles are very easy for me to write (15 minutes) so this would be worth 2.5 hours or so per month to make a quick $90 and help me get toward Clout 10.

I plan only to write these articles, and no others now.  I'm 84% to Clout 10 and once I reach it I'll just write these quick $10 articles.  I get about 15,000 - 20,000 PV per month on AC, and at $2/1000 (Clout 10) that's going to be $30-$40 per month.

By contrast, I currently make $12/1000 at Suite101.  Let's think about that one - that computes out to $180-$240 per month for the same page views.  Ouch.

Apply here: Associated Content Featured Writer Application

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