Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why do some articles take off immediately?

My article on deducting private school tuition on taxes, Need Tuition Deductions?, took off right away (10+ page views on day one).

Meanwhile, other articles, such as Federal Energy Tax Credits and Solar, Wind and Geothermal Energy Tax Credits did fairly well also.

But Need a Social Security Card for a New Baby?  Not so much.  And one of the biggest disappointments has been an article on SR22 Insurance, which helps people with DWI/DUI records get auto insurance again.  I thought that would do very well - it's informative, has good links, god keyword phrases, and yet I'm lucky to get a handful of hits per day.

But then articles on earthquakes in Guatemala and Haiti do amazingly well, and this article on A Modest Proposal has REALLY shocked me by getting strong page views every day since it was published.

I supposed people want to read about eating poor children more than about getting car insurance.

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