Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am loooong overdue for an update

Life took over once again.  Sick kids, injured spouse, teaching, the holidays - you name it, I have an excuse.

So here is where I stand now:

1. Suite101 is my main writing locale.  More on that in my earnings update post.  Suffice to say I have confidence in the Suite model, in their page rank status and ability to get high SERP on Google, and I have the dollars to show that.  My main goal now is to get a Feature Writer position, which gives me a 10% bonus, and to reach 100 articles, which is an additional 10% bonus.

2. I'm done with eHow for now.  I MIGHT go back but only to backlink to Suite articles and put in affiliate links.  I don't have much time right now, and that might be something I do after I've hit 100 or so articles on Suite (I'm at 55 now).

3. I'm letting Associated Content ride for a bit.  Again, it's all about time.  I really should write 45 or so more articles to get to Clout 10 and reach $2/1000 page view payout, but it's a time issue.

4. Factoidz isn't worth it, and they changed their model and took away my affiliate earnings!  I'm really upset (well, not horribly, because it was only $1 or $2/month, but still....) and don't like them anymore LOL.

5. Examiner turned out to be a crapshoot.  My articles aren't indexing in Google (apparently Examiner got slapped by Google for overindexing as news, and is being penalized).  If I write 1 article/month for each of my channels I can still get paid, and that's what I plan to do until I hit the $25 payout.  Then we'll see.  I do crosslink there with my Suite articles, though, so I might write a bit more to help with that.

So that's where I stand now.  Off to write up my earnings report...