Thursday, December 17, 2009

Earnings update and more!

I promised, when I started this blog 7 weeks ago, to update daily.

Well, life gets in the way.  We had the Pukefest O'Mid-November, and the Unexpected Dueling Deadlines Showdown, and now the Baby Who Sleeps In 10 Minute Increments, and now Finals Week at my college.

Regardless, I've been writing!  Just not here.

I'm now at 37 articles on Suite and at $76.67 total!  I'm at over $45 already for half of December and expect to triple or QUADRUPLE my November earnings!

Latest articles:

Unclaimed Washington State Funds

Hypnobirthing - Natural Childbirth Education

Unclaimed Property in California - Find Assets

World Cup 2014 - Soccer in Brazil

Inheritance Advance - Probate Cash

South America Strong Support for U.S. Leadership

Gay Marriage Law in Argentina - LGBT Rights

1491 - Charles C. Mann

My AC article is one lonely one for which I earned $5.93:

Inheritance Loans

I'll update my Examiner experience in a later post.  Promise!

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