Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Suite articles

SO life got ahead of me--returning to college teaching after a 5 month absence has been, um, interesting. My new client work is a lot on top of teaching, life, baby, and the 10K challenge.

So I've written two new Suite articles:

Cash Out UPromise--Without a 529 Plan

This article is based on an article eHow pulled in article sweeps--they took two more articles, reducing my total from 15 to 12. All three were high earners ($10 per 1000 page views +). Hmmm, wonder why...the "reasons" eHow gives are hard to believe, given that none of the articles were spam (they claimed the UPromise and Domperidone articles were) and the refurbished laptop article wasn't "common ense" any more than thousands of other eHow articles are.

So my other Suite article is Chavez Sends Troops to Colombian Border.

I'm focusing on Suite for now, as I am time deprived. I'm $.44 away from payout on Suite101 ($10). Not bad for less than 3 weeks and 13 articles now!

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