Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mayans, Santa,and Math, oh My!

So some more Suite articles:

Online Math Education for Gifted Homeschooling

This one had reasonably strong page views right off the bat--and I hope the Google adwords lined up nicely.

Now this one:

Mayan 2012 Predictions - Facts vs. Fiction

took off! I'm assuming it's because of the 2012 movie, but I have 200 PV already in 2 days!

And then finally:

Best Secret Santa Gifts - Last Minute Gift Ideas

This article has received more than 160 page views in less than 24 hours! Secret Santa articles are apparently hot right now. I never imagined that people would be searching for articles on this topic so far in advance of Christmas.

I passed the $10 mark at Suite101 ($11.44 as of today, actually), which means I've hit payout. I'll get paid next month. I have determined that I need to earn $.03 per article per day to reach $1 per article per month. So far, so good.

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