Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keyword trick that boosts my earnings

I'll report back with a list of my new articles shortly. But here's a nifty trick I've learned that is one of those "duh" moments (imagine me smacking myself on the forehead with an open palm).

Let's say you're writing an article about Grant Writers. Your main keyword phrase is "grant writers".

But you have to talk about grants if you're going to talk about grant writers, right?

So how many times will you use the word "grant" or "grants" in your article? Will Google think you're keyword stuffing? Will it hurt your SEO for "grant writers"?


So I've recently been stripping out all uses of any word in the keyword phrase EXCEPT when it appears in the keyword phrase, with rare exception. Sometimes you have no choice and HAVE to use one of the words in the keyword phrase. But if not, strip it OUT.

Since doing this my upfronts at Associated Content have gone up nicely and everything I submit there has an offer within 24 hours. Lately I'm getting a $5.95 Associated Content upfront offer. Anyone doing better? If so, tell me how!

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