Sunday, November 22, 2009

Factoidz, 3 weeks later

I wrote a new article for Factoidz: Guide to Gluten Free Restaurants in Framingham, Massachusetts

I have about 10 people signed up under me, a result of posting my referral link at Associated Content's forum. 4 people have written articles (THANK YOU!) and I've earned about $.60 in referral income, and around $1.10 from my own articles.

I've com to the conclusion that the only articles worth posting on Factoidz are those that are written for their specific requests, because they categorize those as "high+", which means $3 per 1000 page views. My "med" articles that I wrote on topics of interest *to me* are earning half that.

I will plug along and post a few articles a month at Factoidz and see if it continues to be worthwhile. It's definitely promising, and not a complete dog like Askables. I've averaging nearly $.60 per article per month at Factoidz - that's better than my eHow rate! Hmmm....

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