Friday, November 13, 2009

eHow article sweeps got me. So I am done.

eHow has been "sweeping" their site, removing articles that do not comply with their terms of service. MANY folks have complained for the past few months about this. in most cases, I believe the articles are removed because the articles are of poor quality or don't meet the eHow format.

However, many eHow writers have complained that Demand Media, eHow's parent company, has been targeting high-earning articles from eHow writers, removing them, and replacing them with articles written by Demand Studios writers.

I was skeptical before, but now...eHow just removed my highest earning article.

I've been a Demand Studios writer for 18 months now, so I have the eHow format down. My article was up for about 3 weeks and made me $3.45--quite a bit, for only 120 page views!

There was no click fraud, no format issue, and absolutely no duplication of the exact keyword phrase I used. In fact, that keyword phrase was so popular, apparently, that I'm going to turn around and write articles for Suite 101 and AC using it, and see how they do.

So with 15 (now 14) articles on eHow, I'm going to take my time elsewhere. If I am building good quality articles there and the powers that be are just going to pull them to replace them with their own (and piggyback off my work), then it's not worthwhile if I have other options.

I *do* have other options. Suite, here I come...


Kidgas said...

I haven't been very active at eHow either since sweep number 3. I lost one that time and 4 this last time including a decent earner.

I agree that it is probably a business decision to eliminate the residual earners over time and replace with paid for articles after they have become proven money makers.

MBZ said...

I've lost 3 articles now, out of 15. So I've decided to use eHow for backlinks to other articles and that's about it.

moreen said...

I removed all 150+ of my articles from eHow, and moved them to Info Barrel. I like it there....ALOT....