Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Suite 101

I just started writing with Suite 101, although I've had an account there for a while.

My first two articles have been published: Homeschool Testing and What is a Grant Writer.

Earnings vary, but I've read about some writers, such as Lisa Russell, who claim to make $5-$8 per article per month. I'm following the Suite SEO guidelines so far, to the best of my ability--they are VERY helpful, and I realize now what a complete amateur I've been with SEO. Egads! there's so much more to it, and Suite 101 will help me on my 10K quest even if I never make a penny writing there!

Of course that's not the point, though! I intend to make a lot of money there. I need to publish 10 articles to be considered for Feature Writer positions. Feature writers earn 20% more revenue. There aren't many Feature Writer positions left on Suite 101, but I have my eye on one. These two articles don't reflect the topic I'm considering, but I am adding draft articles to my queue and plan to publish many at once on the topic.

Then I'll apply for a Feature Writer position.

Once you're a Feature Writer and have 100 articles posted you earn an additional 10% of revenue. If I do 1 article/day I could have 100 articles in 3.5 months. That's doable.

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