Friday, October 30, 2009

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As you can see, I've added Suite101 and eHow widgets to my page--so you can see the latest articles I write for them. Please click and read!

There are so many articles I'm going to compile them into one post here and be done with it. Halloween is tomorrow and I have an Ironman, baby Yoda, and Optimus Prime to attend to :)


Argentine Government Restructuring Debt

Michelle Bachelet

FARC--Violence in Colombia

For Associated Content:

Top Grants for Women

Cheap Used Laptops


How to Find oDesk Jobs

Productive day, yesterday was! I have another AC article that was approved but hasn't been published yet, and I wrote some flat-rate articles and did private client work. I'm not discussing my flat-rate work because that's not the focus of this blog. The focus is on making residual income.

Many writers balance both, and gradually decrease the amount of flat-rate work over time, as residuals increase. That's my plan, too!

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