Sunday, October 25, 2009


So I've found a relatively new, and very promising, revenue share site.

Join Factoidz now

Factoidz isn't really any different than eHow, Suite101, etc., but it's new, has an easy interface, and according to the site traffic is up 66% over the past 3 months. If you use the above link, you're automatically enrolled as a Level 2 writer and can start earning revenue immediately--otherwise you have to post 3 articles before you can begin earning.

eHow started somewhere, right? Same with all the other rev share content sites. So I'm thinking Factoidz is one to watch.

You earn $1-$5 per 1000 page views, with the amount depending on the rating your article gets from editors. I'm trying to figure out their rating system. I just published 3 articles with them:

How to Propagate a Blueberry Bush

How to Reduce Heating Costs


How to Have a Gluten Free Thanksgiving

The first two articles received a rating of "high," while my gluten free Thanksgiving article is "medium". I'm not sure how that translates in terms of page view payout.

All three articles were written using the Google Adwords keyword tool, and I tweaked as carefully as possible to give them a nice SEO advantage.

If you become a moderator for a topic on Factoidz you earn $4-$8 per 1000 page views--a hefty increase. You need at least 50 articles in one channel to apply to be a moderator, though. 50 articles is a LOT of content to put into a relatively new rev share site.

I'll be tracking my articles carefully and reporting as I go along. I think I'll ditch Askables in favor of Factoidz.

So sign up using my referral link:
Join Factoidz now


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