Thursday, October 22, 2009

eHow income

So I got sidetracked yesterday and managed to do a wide variety of work and home tasks, but didn't do anything that forwards my $10K goal. So today I need to double up and work on eHow income!

I checked my eHow account. I have 9 articles there now. I have earned $13.63--total--since I started writing on eHow in November 2008.

As you can see in the screenshot below, my eHow income is, well--my best month was November 2008, with $1.91 for 4 articles. NOT stellar, but I also think it's a pretty typical income for eHow. Many work at home writers trying to generate eHow income aim for $1 per month per article. Plenty do FAR better than that. I should be at $9 per month by that standard, but I am still learning how to write targeted keyword articles, so it's fine that my eHow income isn't as robust as it could be. We'll get there.

This screenshot shows my eHow income for 2009. As you can see, I've had some miserable months. I mean really--$.25 for a month with 6 articles? Ouch. That's $.04 per article. I don't promote my articles at all, so it's my fault--I plan, at a minimum, to post links on my Facebook account and generate some traffic for old articles over the next few months, as well as new articles and these blog posts.

One bright spot: one of my new articles, How to Buy a Refurbished Laptop Online, has generated 27 page views and $.79 already. That is an AMAZING rate--nearly $30 per 1000 page views. I'll be watching that article closely to see if I can write related articles for other sites (Associated Content, this blog, etc.) and capitalize on the high rate of pay.

But it could be a fluke, too. We'll see.

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I also write for eHow. My earnings started to pick up as I was writing more articles and doing a better job of promoting them.