Sunday, October 25, 2009

Daylight savings time 2009 fall back

Next week, on Halloween, it's daylight savings time 2009 fall back.

Now why on earth, you may be wondering, am I using such an awkward phase. Daylight savings time 2009 fall back. If you go to Google Trends, you will see that the search phrase "Daylight savings time 2009 fall back" is a "hot" trend. People are just realizing that daylight savings is about to change, but they can't remember which weekend it is.

A few years ago Congress changed daylight savings time to the last weekend in March (spring forward) and the last weekend in October/first weekend in November (fall back). So Daylight savings time 2009 fall back is, understandably, a popular search term right now as people who were accustomed to an earlier "fall back" weekend are trying to figure out when to plan for the time change.

Checking Google Trends is one way to tap into quick and easy hits for articles, but generally trends are just that--they peak, then drop off quickly. If a trend is based on a popular topic that is seasonal, like daylight savings, then an article or post might be worth writing to capture traffic (like I'm aiming for here with Daylight savings time 2009 fall back).

Otherwise, unless you think you'll make thousands of hits and decent click-throughs on trendy topics, it's not worth the time.

So once more, Daylight savings time 2009 fall back is on Halloween! An extra hour to binge on candy :)

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