Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 1: Article 1

So I decided to start by publishing on an old, tried and true site: Associated Content.

I have 145 articles there now, including the new one I published on Thursday: Boy Trapped in Balloon.

I normally do NOT publish "breaking news" articles, but thought I'd try it. I got 169 page views and earned $.30. I did not try for upfront payment because I didn't want to delay the article's publication. Mine was the first article on AC about this topic.

My writing is TERRIBLE. ATROCIOUS. I wrote it while watching CNN, with a wiggling baby in my lap, and I think I had a momentary lapse of consciousness and reverted to 7th grade writing there. I am embarrassed, but I told you I'd be transparent!

Not doing THAT again. See--I told you I'd blog about my failures. 75 page views in one day is fine, and if the article were "evergreen"--a topic that people will search forever--then it would be worthwhile. But it's breaking news and will be dead content, so it's not something I'll do in the future.

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