Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Associated Content Income

I started writing for Associated Content in February 2007. I have 145 published articles with them, and about 300,000 page views.

That is a poor record.

However, about 5 articles account for more than 1/3 of my page views, and 1/3 of my residual income.

As a test, a few months ago I wrote two new articles that are offshoots of two of my highest earning topics. Surprise--those two article are doing relatively well. Those articles are:

How to Write a Perfect SAT Essay

Your Gifted Two Year Old

I'll focus ALL future articles on subtopics of my top 5 performers from now on. I only make around $22 per month in AC residuals, which is a really small amount, but as I said, 4 articles account for 1/3 of that, and another 10 articles account for 1/3--the rest of the money comes from about 130 articles getting a handful of hits here and there.

The best strategy is to find the 20% of articles that produce 80% of the money. If I had a formula for determining those topics, I'd be set :)


Erik said...

Great article. Can you explain how I can find out what topics Google ranks highly, in case I want to write about those topics?

MBZ said...

I'll have a long post of that soon.