Saturday, October 24, 2009

Associated Content Earnings

I earn around $22 per month in residual Associated Content earnings. I have 145 articles there, and just wrote a new article as part of my 10K challenge. I have only posted 3 articles for page views only. None of those were rejected; I just chose to post without upfront payment. My worst offer was $1.30; my best, $11.80 (ah, those were the days in early 2007!).

Associated Content earnings ebb and flow. I have an article on fourth of July fireworks in a specific town that spikes every year the week before the holiday. It's nice 800 or 1000 page view boost. With 295,000 page views and 145 articles I'm averaging around 2,000 page views per article. But in terms of Associated Content earnings, that doesn't add up.

As I said in an earlier post, 5 articles are more than 1/3 of my monthly page views and Associated Content earnings. I posted a TON of content from February to May 2007, and most of that just sits there. I knew very little about keyword density and how to write for search engines. I just posted a bunch of articles I found interesting back in the days before page view performance payments.

So my Associated Content earnings aren't as strong as they could be. I also post for upfront pay--that $5 isn't going to make or break me, but at $1.75 per 1000 page views (I'm at Clout 9), that's 3000 page views I need to get before matching an upfront $5 pay. Might as well try for both to increase my Associated Content earnings!

So check back for more on the rash of articles I plan to post there. in the meantime, read my highest-page view article: Get Rid of Student Loan Debt. 22,000 page views and going strong. It's the #1 article on Google for the keyword phrase.

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Girl said...

When searching google for "associated content earnings" you are # 3 on the first page. I would say you are pretty good at this lol.